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MR MR Hockey Showcase
April 27-29, 2018


2017 Showcase notes

PETER VERSTEGEN (Wisconsin) scored 5 goals as the Blue defeated the White in the All-Star Game on Sunday morning. Matej Huncik (Wisconsin) recorded a Hattrick in the losing cause.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at MR MR Hockey is to provide a "Showcase" for hockey players looking to take their game to the next level.  This will be Junior Hockey or College Hockey in most cases.  Designed to be a much smaller "Showcase" compared to others out there.  MR MR Hockey provides an atmosphere where the hockey player can be placed into an environment to test their game against other players with similar goals.  All of this will take place in front of numerous scouts/coaches from Junior and College Hockey 

Individual Sign-Up!!!!

Players sign-up individually and will be randomly placed onto a team for the weekend.

Please request Registration Forms here or by sending an email to [email protected] 

Program Director - Mike Rucinski

I would like to welcome you to MR MR Hockey.  The purpose of MR MR Hockey is to provide an opportunity for hockey players to gain exposure to take their games to the next level.  The player has the ability to test their skills against other players with similar goals.

I grew up in a small town in Illinois and was somehow lucky enough to play at every level of hockey, including the NHL.  That was way back in the 80's.  I was very fortunate to get "noticed" and given an opportunity to play College D-1 at the University of Illinois-Chicago.  From there I signed as a free agent with the Calgary Flames and a year later traded to the Chicago Blackhawks.     


I wanted to give back something to the game that treated me so well.  I thought there were plenty of good hockey players out there who, for whatever reason, just can't get the exposure they need to get a shot at the next level.  That is when I decided to try and find a way to get those players some exposure. 

I thought of providing a venue where I could bring the players to a location where it would be easy to get as many scouts/coaches there to see them play. Thus the creation of the "MR MR Hockey Showcase" .

The "MR MR Hockey Showcase"  is smaller than others out there by design.  I feel it is much more selective as to the players invited to participate.  Thus giving the player much more exposure and the evaluator a more in depth "look".  Each year over 100 players participate and 60-70% land on Junior Teams or College Rosters- and/or move up a level of hockey.  That is excellent success rate!

If you are looking to play Juniors or College Hockey I would love to see you at my Showcase.


Mike Rucinski


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